Vishnu AnantaSayana Swinging Urli

Description of product

Ananta Sayana - One who rests on the Ananta thousand headed cobra - Lord Vishnu along with his consort Lakshmi devi is shown on a swing which rests in the centre o Urli. There is an arch created around the swing and top of the arch has Shankha , Chakra- Lord's weapons and Virupaksha - in the centre.

Decor Ideas : Urlis can be used as a decorative element in home and office spaces. It can be filled with fragrant fresh flowers or just water in which floating candles or flowers can be dispersed aesthetically. This is an exclusive Bronze ( mainly consists copper, zinc, brass) collection crafted by sculptures. Lost wax traditional method is employed in crafting these masterpieces. There are limited number of master craftsman in India making these sought after collectibles.

Care : All the Urlis come with Teflon coating which helps to retain its initial shine and helping in hassle free maintenance.

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