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Dashavatars, as per Hindu religion are the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu - the sustainer - who descends onto Earth to save the human race. Scientifically, Dashavatars depict the evolution of life on earth. Be it the stories we have grown up to or the scientific temperament one has the story of Dashavatars is fascinating. Matsya avatar (fish incarnation) is how life originated from water. We then have Kurma avatar (tortoise) where amphibians started moving onto land and then Varaha (boar) who saves mother Earth is purely a land based animal. Now is the time for Narasimha avatar (half animal and half man) before we see the little Vamana (young boy) showing how humans started evolving. Parashurama (the man with the axe) shows the angry man and then we have the all blissful Krishna the Sampoorna (complete) avatar. Rama is the obedient son who protects Dharma and then we know what enlightenment is with Buddha and the Lord says whenever there is evil I will come onto Earth and we are all waiting for Kalki who will ride on a horse and will, once again, make Earth a great place to live on. This Tasarchitra, with brilliant colours, is a ,must have to explain about the beautiful story or put in your Puja room. The Pattachitra painted on handmade cloth (Patta) will be yours for generations.
Pattachitra, Tado Chitra and Tasar Chitra are art forms from Odisha , with the heritage village of Raghurajpur being the hub, with a history of over a thousand years. These paintings have a unique art form where Chitrakars have created some glorious paintings from the life and times of Lord Krishna, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Ganesha and Lord Jagannath. Pattachitras are made with natural colours on either cotton cloth (Patta), silk cloth (Tasar) or Palm leaf (Tado). The Geographical Indication (GI) status given to these paintings indicates the uniqueness of Pattachitra paintings. With a mix of classical and folk traditions Pattachitra, Tasar Chitra and Tado Chitra can easily blend into both traditional and contemporary homes. And, of course, as in the Puri Jagannath temple the Lord Jagannath Pattachitra can be adorned in the Puja room instead of the idols!

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