Splendid Sun

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Bring Home the Fusion of Dokra Art with Stained Glass Mosaic by Vaiju Saraf

       Mesmerizing fusion of two ancient art forms - Dokra art and stained glass mosaic art - to create a masterpiece! The mosaic design on the frame depicts the clear sky and the jungle.The dokra plate in the centre depicts snaphot of a day in tribal life on a bright sunny day.The warm colours can brighten any corner of your home or office. The Bastar region of Chattisgarh specializes in Dokra art. Dokra art is one of the earliest known method of metal casting. The dokra art dates back to the times of Indus-Sarasvati civilization. Mosaic designs are made by hand cut, coloured stained glasses. Mosaic art dates back to 3 millenium BC.

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