Shiva and parvati - Tanjore Painting

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Celebrate the life-enhancing power of Shiva and Shakti in magnificent grandeur with this Tanjore painting of Shiva and Parvati on vrishabha vahana (bull mount). The artiste seems to perfectly embody the divine forms in an ancient traditional style originated in the Thanjavur Nayakas kingdom in the 16th century. The serene, beatific forms of the deities are life-like and seem to radiate compassion and benevolence. Shiva is shown wearing the crescent on His head, signifying the absolute control of mind. His upper hands hold a damaru _ a drum that signifies the primal sound of creation and a deer which signifies that removal of chanchalta fickleness of mind. His lower hands are denoted in abhaya mudra (gesture of reassurance and safety) and varadamudra (gesture symbolising bestowal of boons). His consort, Parvati, is depicted in a green complexion, to denote her dark complexion. She is shown holding a lotus. Both the deities ride the white vrishabha or bull, which denotes dharma or righteousness. Nandi the vrishabha is also depicted beautifully bejewelled in dazzling finery.

These divine forms are captured brilliantly in the painting, set in a dark blue background that is outlined with intricate overlaying of gold foil and colourful stones. The gold overlay is fringed by a contrasting dark brown carved wooden frame. It can also be a great gifting idea.

Renowned worldwide as one of India's greatest traditional art forms, Tanjore painting is a sought-after collectible. It even has the recognition of Geographical Indication, certifying its conformance to traditional methods, its qualities and reputation.

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