Shibori Mul Cotton Saree - White, Indigo & Orange

Description of product

Mesmerizing patterns created using Shibori- clamp & dye technique in Orange, white and Indigo colours on Soft mul cotton saree.
       We at Mira collection have been focused on working on special techniques and coming out with unique designs. One such method that we specialise on is the Shibori splash range of garments. While streamlining this collection, we were inspired by the beautiful sarongs that use the same art and are worn on beach holidays. We knew that a saree will look beautiful in these patterns, considering it is the most fluid & liberating garment. The idea was to create a splash of various colours, using Shibhori technique, but keeping the vibrant colour palette of India in mind. We created these sarees on sustainable cotton, & to give them more softness & grace we used soft mul cotton for the same.

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