Saura art in colour  on Tussar Silk - Village Scene

Description of product

This Saura art in colour on tussar silk, shows a typical village scene of the Saura tribe, with repetitive motifs of monkeys, dogs, men and women going about their daily chores with their house being the centre of the subject. Design represents these train of motifs in concentric circles in the centre. Saura paintings are a style of wall mural arts associated with Saura tribes of current day Odisha state. The essence of any Saura painting revolves around the tribal life, snapshots of a day in their life, their customs and the village. These paintings in the tribe have a ritualistic importance and hence is part of everyone's life. Traditionally the wall is painted with red ochre base and bamboo brushes are used to paint the murals. These wall paintings are called as Ikons and are worshipped during important life events like child birth, marriage, harvest etc. While Saura art seems visually related to Warli paintings they differ in their style and subject.

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