Pink Saree with Chikankaari On Bengal Taant

Description of product

Chikankaari on Handwoven Bengali Taant - This beautiful rendezvous of chikankaari from Lucknow with handwoven soft Taant from Bengal is a confluence of two legends in handloom handicrafts space. The handwoven soft taant saree plays an apt canvas for the exquisite chikankaari embroidery. This fresh rose pink saree has chikankaari work done in white and is a natural choice for the summers.

Complete your look : Pair this saree with pearl string and shades to complete your summer look.

This collection is an ode to the Last Nawab!! This water like fluid Taant fabric and poetry like etched Chikankaari embroidery on it talks about a Tale of Two Cities...a lament that flows from the banks of Gomati River to the banks of Hooghly. Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was held in custody in Matia Burj of Kolkata where he penned these immortal lines. The poetic regent imagined himself to be a daughter who is in her "sasural" and missing her "baabul" (parent), and the culture of the new home is taking over her slowly; she is ready to embrace it, but the part of her that was her being for years, left behind with her parents, is slowly vanishing...end of an era!! This one line captures that lament.

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