Pattachitra  - Ramayana story with Rama Pattabhishek in Colour

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The Ramayana, - the story of Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu - is described in detail in this portrait-mode Pattachitra on hand made Patta. In the centre of this Pattachitra the coronation of Rama (Rama pattabhishek) is described and the Dashavatar is depicted on top and bottom. Lord Hanuman, the first among the devotees -Bhaktagrakesara - the leader of Vaanara sena -Monkey army- is shown in the painting in his popular pose, kneeling down before Lord Rama and submitting himself completely into Him. The full story of Rama - from King Dasaratha conducting a sacrifice to beget progeny; the outcome of the sacrifice is the payasam which is given to his three queens; young Rama and Lakshmana protecting Vishwamitra while conducting his (ritual) and the killing of Tataka; the Swayamvara where Rama breaks the bow of Shiva and marries Sita; Kaikeyi - under the influence of her servant, Mantara - asking Dasaratha to exile Rama; Rama meeting Vibhishana and killing Vali; Hanuman conquering and relieving the dreaded serpent Surasa from her curse; to Rama conquering Lanka by killing Ravana this Pattachitra vividly captures it all. Dashavatars, as per Hindu religion are the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu - the sustainer - who descends onto Earth to save the human race. . Scientifically Dashavatars depict the origin of life.

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