PattaChitra - Radha Krishna Raas Leela -  Coloured

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Pattachitra Radha Krishna by National Awardee "Akshay Kumar Bariki"

       This Pattachitra depicts Krishna Raas Leela. Radha, Krishna along with Gopikas are seen to be enjoying a beautiful day along the banks of Yamuna. The love between Krishna and Radha, the Lord’s most ardent devotee, is considered to be of the purest form that transcends the physical sheath. Similarly, Gopikas used to be mesmerised  at the very thought of Krishna and they used to be oblivious of their surroundings in the presence of their lord. Spiritually, Raas Leela ands Gopikas symbolises that one needs to go beyond their physical body and surrender unconditionally to the Lord (Bhakti) and that is when the true union with “Paramatma” will happen.

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