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Hanuman, the most ardent devotee of Rama and the leader of the Vanara Sena and the son of Vayu (wind god) is the unblemished one. Hanuman possesses extraordinary strength and helps Rama conquer Lanka and save Sita. One can find an idol of Hanuman in every temple making him one of the most popular gods. In this black and white Pattachitra Akshaya Bariki beautifully renders Panchamukhi Hanuman in black and white on a handmade cloth (Patta). The 5 faces of Hanuman are Hayagriva (horse), Narasimha (half lion half man), Garuda (eagle), Varaha (boar) and Hanuman himself. There are many significances of Panchamukha Hanuman in Ramayana Hanuman kills Ahiravana the lord of Pathala Loka buy extinguishing five lamps, which store Ahiravana s life, at the same time and for this he transforms into Panchamukhi Hanuman. The other interpretation is he is the lord that transcends the five Indriyas (senses) and also the one who conquers the five elements.
Pattachitra, Tado Chitra and Tasar Chitra are art forms from Odisha , with the heritage village of Raghurajpur being the hub, with a history of over a thousand years. These paintings have a unique art form where Chitrakars have created some glorious paintings from the life and times of Lord Krishna, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Ganesha and Lord Jagannath. Pattachitras are made with natural colours on either cotton cloth (Patta), silk cloth (Tasar) or Palm leaf (Tado). The Geographical Indication (GI) status given to these paintings indicates the uniqueness of Pattachitra paintings. With a mix of classical and folk traditions Pattachitra, Tasar Chitra and Tado Chitra can easily blend into both traditional and contemporary homes. And, of course, as in the Puri Jagannath temple the Lord Jagannath Pattachitra can be adorned in the Puja room instead of the idols!

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