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Pattachitra Ganesha by National Awardee "Akshay Kumar Bariki"

       Panchamukhi Ganesha painted in black and white at the centre of the Patta along with Shiva-Parvati on top and bottom. Each mukha or face of Ganapathi symbolises the five Koshas or five sheaths of subtle anatomy of human beings : Annamaya( Food Sheath corresponding to physical body), Pranamaya (Vital energy sheath - Prana corresponding to subtle body) , Manomaya ( Mental Sheath corresponding to Mind), Vignayamaya ( Wisdom sheath corresponding to Intellect) and Anandamaya ( Cosmic bliss sheath corresponding to pure consciousness). It is believed that placing Panchamukhi Ganapathi towards east in one's home or office will bring prosperity and remove obstacles.

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