PattaChitra - Krishna Raas Leela with dashavatar in black and white

Description of product

Pattachitra Krishna Ras Leela by National Awardee "Akshay Kumar Bariki"

       This beautiful black and white Pattachitra portrays Krishna Raas Leela with Dashavatars adorning the top and bottom of the painting. The love between Krishna and Radha, the Lord's most ardent devotee, is considered to be of the purest form that transcends the physical sheath. Dashavatars, as per Hindu religion are the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu - the sustainer - who descends onto Earth to save human race. Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar, is considered to be the "Sampoorna" avatar or the complete incarnation where he manifests in the truest form. Scientifically Dashavatar depict the evolution of life on earth.

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