PattaChitra - Krishna Katha on Shanka (Conch)

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Pattachitra Krishna Katha on Shankha by National Awardee "Akshay Kumar Bariki"

       What better way to depict the story of Lord Krishna (Krishna Katha) than in Panchajanya the Shanka aka conch of the Lord. The Shanka is considered to be an auspicious emblem and the Shanka naada (sound)used to ward off evil. This black and white Pattachitra depicts the story  of Krishna right from the time of birth where Vasudeva takes the new born Krishna across the Yamuna and hands over to Yashoda and replace the kid with a Yadava to the killing of the demoness Putana. The painting also depicts Dashavatars, which as per Hindu religion are  the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu - the sustainer - who descends onto Earth to save human  race. Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar, is considered to be the 'Sampoorna' avatar or the complete incarnation where he manifests in the  truest form. Scientifically Dashavatars depict the origin of life. On the top this painting has Lord Vishnu resting on the thousand hooded serpent - Sesha Naag - symbolising the infinite time (Ananta).

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