Pattachitra - Ganesha Story in Black n White

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Pattachitra Ganesha Story by National Awardee "Akshay Kumar Bariki"

       Ganesha - known by various names Ganapathi (lord of the Ganas), Lambodhara (big bellied one), Vigneshwara (controller of obstacles) - is the lord of wisdom and remover of obstacles and hence before starting any new initiative Ganesha is invoked to ensure there are no obstacles. Ganesha, the son of Shiva and parvati, was born when Parvati creates the child from her bathing scrub; Ganesha is killed by Shiva when the young boy stops him from entering the chambers where Parvati resides. Realising what has happened and to pacify Parvati Shiva sends Nandi and Ganas to get a head from the first animal they find which happens to be an elephant and this is how Ganesha ends up having an elephant head. Symbolically an elephant signifies intelligence and in the case of Ganesha with only one tusk it shows detachment from material needs and finally the big belly represents wisdom. Getting any form of Ganesha into a home or an office is thought to help remove obstacles. Pattachitra, is a unique painting style from Odisha. Having a mix of classical and folk arts Chitrakars create magic on Patta (cloth), Tussar (silk) and Tado (palm leaves). The common subjects are Lord Jagannath, Krishna, Dashavatars and other Hindu deities including Ganesha, Hanuman. Raghurajpur, a heritage village, has its entire village practising this glorious art form "Pattachitra". The painting describes the birth of Ganesha, being killed by Shiva and finally the way he gets and elephant head.

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