Odisha Cotton Designer Saree: Big Peacocks Woven all over in Royal Purple

Description of product

Odisha Cotton Designer Saree by UtkalAmrita

       One of the most royal and exquisite saree in the Utkalamrita collection. It takes three long months to weave these royal peacocks all over the body and pallu. Woven by Odisha's Barpali weavers this saree demonstrates why Odisha sarees are famous _ incorporating the unique techniques such as Bandhkala or Baandha exquisite patterns are woven all over the saree. For that special occasion this saree will catch everyone's attention. With only a few sarees woven this will be in the hands of a chosen few.

Style Tips

Elegance of Sambalpuri cotton saree is enhanced with simple wooden beads necklaces or silver plated jewelry.

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