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Mortar and Pestle

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Mortar and Pestle by Worktree

Get back to the traditional way of cooking. A classic mortar and pestle that is excellent to crush your spices. The design is original and elegant. Treat it with our tung oil once in a year, and this mortar and pestle will look more and more beautiful with time.

Dimensions: Mortar - 12.7 cm / 5 inches. Pestle - Length 15.2 cm / 6 inches

The Tableware and Kitchen utensil products have been made to provide you with a range of items meeting your daily requirements but with a difference - every product is made from natural wood and finished with Tung oil thereby making it 100% food safe. These products with excellent designs add to the beauty of your home while you are helping promote sustainable living.
Care: Do not wash in a dishwasher. Rinse with warm water and a mild detergent and leave to dry.

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