Madhubani Painting - Shiva  with Parvati and Nandi

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The destroyer in the trinity of supreme gods - Shiva - is depicted with his consort and his vehicle, Nandi. Shiva is also referred to as Mahadeba or the supreme god. He has ash smeared over his body symbolising _egolessness . Shiva has Vasuki, the lord of serpents, around his neck which means he has overcome fear and is the master of his destiny. He wards off the evil forces with his Damru by the sound it produces and the Damru also signifies the expansion and contraction of the universe with Shiva being the eternal master. Finally, the Trishul is used to destroy the negative force within and can conquer the three states - waking, sleeping and dreaming - and thereby helping in attaining salvation. Done in the Bharni style this Madhubani. Painting has a primitive aura around it.

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