Krishna with Rukmini - Tanjore Painting

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|| Krishnam Vande Jagatgurum||
"I bow down to Lord Krishna, the guide of the universe "

This Tanjore painting seems to celebrate the glory of Krishna, the supreme lord, along with his consort Rukmini in all vibrant brilliance and splendour. Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, is the most common theme of Tanjore paintings. Flawlessly captured in the typical Tanjore style, the figure of Krishna has beautiful rounded face and almond-shaped eyes - a delightful spectacle that radiates mystical charm. Wearing a peacock feather in his crown and garlands around his neck, the Muralidhara, the flute bearer, is shown standing elegantly with a flute in one arm and the other arm around Rukmini Devi. A green parrot is depicted next to her. Dressed magnificently in a green saree and dazzling finery she is graceful in her posture and her beautiful face exudes a heavenly charm.

The divine figures are set in a dark blue background that is outlined with colourful curtains and an arch with gold overlay and semi-precious stones. The gold overlay is fringed by a contrasting dark brown carved wooden frame -- overall a beautiful colour scheme.

Made to impeccable perfection in vibrant hues and sparkle of 22 carat gold foil and colourful semi-precious stones, this Thanjavur or Tanjore painting is a must have for any connoisseur. It is also a great gifting idea.

Renowned worldwide as one of India's greatest traditional art forms, Tanjore painting is a sought-after collectible. It even has the recognition of Geographical Indication, certifying its conformance to traditional methods, its qualities and reputation.

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