Kasuti Work - On Narayanpet Silk Saree - Shades of Blue

Description of product

The Blue Narayanpet silk saree has the GI tagged Kasuti work from Uttara Karnataka (Northern Karnataka) all over the body and pallu. This is a pure silk Hand-woven saree certified by Silk Mark India. Kasuti derives its name from Kai - meaning Hand and Suti - meaning cotton indicating work done using cotton and hands. Its a folk form of embroidery involving fine innumerable stitches carving out beautiful motifs and geometrical patterns. Kasuti work dates back to Chalukya period. It is one of the 64 arts in which women courtiers from 17th Century Mysore kingdom were expected to have Mastery over.

Length : 5.8 Mtrs. Blouse not included.
Material : Pure Silk

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