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The most sacred river, which is also the lifeline to millions who live along its course, is worshipped as Ganga Maa by Hindus. Ganga originates from a glacier Gangotri in Himalayas. There is a mythological story about how Bhageeratha does severe penance to bring Ganga to earth to purify the ashes of his forefathers and grant them Moksha- Salvation. Even today Ganga jal/ water is consider to purify us of all sins. In this painting Ganga is shown in white representing the purity and piousness. She is shown holding a pot of water in one hand and lotus in another.

Batik is a simple technique where patterns and motifs are created by applying wax which resists dyes and therefore allows artisans to color selectively by soaking the cloth in one color and then removing wax with boiling water, and repeating if multiple colors are desired.

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