Ganesha on Golden Lotus - Tanjore Painting

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||Om Ganeshaya Namah|| Bring home the Vighnaharta, the remover of obstacles, in all resplendent glory with this Tanjore painting. In the Hindu tradition, before any ritual or beginning any important work Ganesha or Ganapathi is invoked as he is regarded to remove all obstacles. Made to impeccable perfection in vibrant hues and sparkle of 22 carat gold foil and semi-precious stones, this Tanjore painting will add positivity to your home or office. The strokes of the artiste perfectly capture the divine figure of Lord Ganesha seated on a lotus. The eyes look so tranquil and compassionate that they seem to glance with mercy and compassion. It is as if we are plunged in the grace of the lord The ears of the 'Pratham Pujya' _the one who is worshiped first_are large enough to hear all. The upper hands hold a lotus, noose and a hatchet, which signify that worldly attachments need to be removed for enlightenment. The lower left hand holds modaks, which signify the rewards of a wise life, and the lower right hand is in a blessing pose, to show that the lord blesses all. The pot belly of the Lambodara _the Lord with a huge belly _is large enough to hold all wisdom and all life. At the feet of Ganesha is Mooshika (a mouse) the vahana (the mount) of the lord; the mouse being still and looking up to the Lord signifies that even the most restless person will be at peace in the presence of Ganesha.

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