Dhokra Art And Peepal Tree

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Artist has used peepal tree as the subject in Mosaic and paired it with handcrafted dhokra plate which shows a tribal couple. < HTML>

Peepal tree has many names Sacred fig, Bodhi tree, Ashwatha tree, Banyan trees etc is considered auspicious in many faiths. The stature of peepul tree among the trees is explained by a verse in Bhagvadgita where Lord Krishna says " I am the Peepal tree among the trees". Bodhi tree is most sacred in Budhism as Gautama Budha was enlightened while meditating under a peepal tree. Peepal tree is believed to be a giver of wisdom and health. Most of the olden age panchayats were held under the shade of peepal tree believing it to bestow wisdom on the village head to give correct judgement. < HTML>

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