Dhokra And Saura Art Frame

Description of product

This square Dhokra frame is an exquisite home decor accent that lends an ethnic touch to its surroundings. The frame has, in its inset Dhokra figurines with the border painted in Saura style. It is a beautiful combination of two tribal art-forms brought to you from the stable of Anwesha tribal arts and crafts. The tribal people going about their daily life is exquisitely captured in the Dhokra figurines and, the tribal houses, their instruments of music and the flora is capture in the simple Saura style. The Dhokra frames will easily blend into either a traditional or contemporary setting and are great gifting options. Some of the scenes captured are people carrying fire wood on their head, some carrying water over their shoulders, villagers revelling to the music.

Being a handcrafted product there could be certain imperfections that only adds to the charm.

Dhokra is an art-form of making idols, figurines and other artefacts using brass through the famous lost-wax technique. One of the oldest known techniques for makings sculptures and figurines is the lost-wax method which can be dated to over 5,500 years. The Indus-Sarasvati civilisation, where the "dancing girl" was discovered at Mohenjo-Daro, was one of the pioneers of making beautiful sculptures and figurines. The Dhokra art-form, practiced in West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Odisha is named after the metal-smith tribes of West Bengal -Dhokra Damar. Dhokra brass items include figurines of everyday people, animals and other artefacts like bells, candle stands, pen stands. Home and office spaces can be adorned with these artefacts that exude primitive simplicity. While buying Dhokra products not only are you helping in promoting a rich heritage but also helping in a more environmentally friendly planet and enabling a sustainable income for artisans.

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