Brass turquoise and coral Natraja

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Brass Coral Nataraj is available in 18kg weight & 24inch height. Nataraja literally translating to "The King of Dance" is one of the forms of Lord Shiva. The classical Ananda "Taandava" pose, the dance of bliss signifies the creation, sustenance and destruction of the world. Nataraja is worshipped by every Indian classical dance form. Every performance/practice starts by paying obeisance to Nataraja seeking his blessings. In this sculpture Lord Shiva is seen dancing in a ring of flames, while lifting his left leg and is seen balancing on a demon that is believed to signify ignorance. Nataraja is depicted with his four hands. The upper right hand holds a _Damru , a small drum shaped instrument. The lower right hand is in _Abhaya Mudra meaning protection against evil and ignorance. The upper left hand holding Agni, the fire from which everything is created and dissolved into. The lower left hand points towards the raised foot which signifies liberation. The dance of Lord Nataraja is also called the Cosmic Dance and regarded to be the perfect amalgam of Eastern Mysticism and Physics. The idol of Nataraja at the CERN institute, Switzerland, where physicists study the dance of sub-atomic particles is an acknowledgment of this amalgam. The famous Physicist Fritjof Capra describes the Dance of Shiva as the Dance of sub-atomic particles.

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