Brass  Radha Krishna set with Tusk arch

Description of product

Brass Radha & Krishna Arch is available in 60 kg weight &  48 inch height.Gopi & Gopal - Radha is believed to be the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi - the Goddess of Wealth. Gopi (milkmaid) is a common name attributed to the girls/women who along with their cow herds were attracted to Lord Krishna. Radha was one of the Gopi, believed to be the closest to Lord Krishna. Their eternal love for each otherwas so great that even today Lord Krishna is worshipped along with Radha in temples as a sign of true love. In this brass sculpture Lord Krishna is depicted in his signature pose of 'Tribhangi' while Radha is listening to his flute. She can be seen almost dancing to his flute that shows how deep her love was for him

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