Brass Lord Balaji

Description of product

Lord Balaji, also popularly known as Venkateswara, is the Kali Yuga Daivam: or the modern day God. He is said to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The name Venkateswara in Sanskrit means Lord who destroys sin- Vem means Sin, "Kata means destruction, and Iswara translates to Supreme Lord. Bring home prosperity with this Lord Balaji Statue.This piece will enhance the beauty of your home which is certainly inexplicable. Decor your home distinctly with the inexplicable charm of our Brass. An exquisite collection of handicraft items Brass at most competitive prices. Our wide collection of attractive Handicrafts never fails to enchant anybody because of its original, traditional and intricate designs. Our handicraft items make perfect & wondrous souvenirs giving your surroundings an aura of elegance and beauty. The limited number of master craftsman and uniqueness of each sculpture makes brass statues perfect for collecting. Our Product has been appreciated for the richness in detail and creativity. All the Brass item will come with Teflon coat which helps to remain its initial shine and does not need any maintenance.

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