Here are a few questions you may have regarding shopping on TerraHastaTM
  • What all payment methods do you accept?
    • In the spirit of Digital India, we accept electronic payment methods only. We accept all major credit/debit cards, net banking and all major wallets. 
  • How can I be sure the payments I make are secure?
    • At TerraHastaTM we are serious about security and place necessary controls to ensure that your payment information is safe and  secure. We work with a leading payment gateway ( to be hyperlinked) provider who follows industry standard guidelines and has put in the best controls possible. 
    • PCI (  hyperlink) certification is mandatory  to ensure that all card information is encrypted and securely transmitted. Also, there are guidelines like ISO 27001 (   hyperlink) that audits the security conformance of an organisation. 
    • Our payment gateway provider is one of the first in the industry to have been fully PCI certified. Further, with a full audit and certification on ISO 27001 guidelines, our payment gateway is safe and secure. 
    • Also, we follow all rules and regulations as may be applicable to ensure there is a smooth, seamless and secure payment experience. So go ahead and shop for the wide range of handicraft and handloom products on TerraHastaTM
    • Should you have any queries please feel free to write to us at
  • How do I know that the products on TerraHastaTM are authentic?
    • TerraHastaTM  was born out of our passion to bring to you authentic and quality handicraft and handloom products, from across India, that meet most of your daily needs. Not only do these products have a rich cultural heritage and great aesthetics but also, in many cases, are environmentally friendly too  as natural materials are used to make these products. 
    • At TerraHastaTM we are trying to partner with like-minded individuals and organisations who are working to make quality products and continue the glorious traditions.  It is no surprise that many reputed individuals and organisations including  national award winners, organisations that are craftmark certified and NGOs focused on artisan development are part of TerraHastaTM marketplace. All our sellers work with artisans and weaving clusters to ensure authentic products are made available to you.
  • How do I know what will be the final price of each product?
    • To keep it simple, the prices of all our products includes shipping across India and GST. So, what you see is what you pay. 
  • Where all do you deliver the products to?
    • Currently we deliver to locations within India.