Our Values

India has a rich cultural heritage with many a variation across regions. Each region has its own story and background that makes the designs and patterns unique. Irrespective of the characteristics of a region one aspect is common for authentic handicraft forms of the Country – all artisans   use materials that come from nature be it wood or fabric or the colours required to finish a product. Also, these Handicrafts were always designed to be an integral part of a person/household and; clearly in the Home Décor, Ktchenware, tableware, Personal wear like silk, cotton sarees, chikankari dresses or paintings like pattachitra or madhubani etc India has to offer a diverse range of products each having its own story, essence and uniqueness.

With such a variety and range of products it is surprising that the Handicrafts market forms only 5% of the overall market for the above categories and this is exactly where TerraHasta comes in.

We want to enable artisans and communities to reach a wider audience. We will not only showcase products from artisans and communities but also make consumers aware of the rich cultural heritage and significance of these products.  

With such a vast product and artisan range little wonder that Indian Handicrafts segment is the 2nd largest employer in the Country and we want to make this count; we are embarking on an ambitious journey and are aiming to increase the share of Handicrafts from 5% to 8% in the next 3-5 years. With an upwardly mobile consumer segment which is environmentally conscious we are confident of achieving our goal.

We have a few value systems and principles to guide in this journey:
  1. Quality: The essence of any good product is its underlying quality and in this unorganised sector we will work with artisans and communities to bring in the right quality orientation
  2. Value: We want to ensure the products are priced right but never at the cost of compromising on the inherent value of the product! This means working with artisans/communities who ensure the right raw materials are used – cheap imitations are not an option and we will always work with  those who have a knowledge of the “craft”
  3. Information dissemination: as mentioned above there is a story for each type of craft and it is important to for consumers to know the history and significance of the products they are buying. We will be shortlisting categories and products accordingly
  4. Co-opting model: We  are committed to the growth of the Handicraft market and ensure every artisan/community    we work with benefits and their overall  quality of life improves 
    1. Invest in R&D to come out with new and better designs – for this we will work with specialised institutions and well known designers
    2. Will enable artisans with better tools and techniques and invest in imparting right education to keep traditions alive
    3. Will help artisans access raw materials and also access to formal financing channels
Natural, environmentally conscious: we are extremely sensitive to the environment around us and we believe that handicraft products made from natural and organic  materials will help in the cause. So TerraHasta is nothing but a destination for Handicraft products.