About us

TerraHasta was born from our passion to bring Indian handicrafts and Handlooms online as a larger-than-ever platform reflect the matchless craftsmanship perfected over millennia by our artisans. The ancient and traditional art and craft forms of India honour and celebrate nature and we have brought the awe-inspiring handcraft items online to do our bit to encourage the centuries-old art form.
Keeping true to the eco-friendly spirit, deft hasta (hands) of artisans work away on natural resources around them - terracotta, bamboo, palm leaf, wood, metal ware or cotton and silk – to create some of the most exquisite furniture, idols, paintings, figurines, dresses and furnishings, and bring life to them with natural colours. Their expressions reflect a unique sense of cultural understanding and heritage.

We, at TerraHasta, respect this innate inclination to honour Nature and the immense potential of artisans. Our very identity is woven around these skilful hasta (hands) that essentially have their roots in the lap of nature, the terra (Earth).

The comprehensive platform of TerraHasta brings to you handicraft items online and it contains a wide range of products for all needs – be it furniture with traditional designs or the metal ware items to blend with your furniture or the 100% cotton/silk draping in natural colours and dyes where possible, or the brilliant rugs and durries with intricate artwork, or those beautiful paintings telling stories of the rich cultural heritage or lovely figurines and idols.
These Not just home décor but these products can make a fashion statement too -- be it the exquisite natural silk or cotton saris made in diverse designs from across the country or that brilliant tribal jewellery or those hand-made bags -- all fit seamlessly into a contemporary wardrobe

We aim to bring talented artisans across a range of categories on a single platform, encourage continuity of various traditions and at the same time bring in new designs by collaborating with designers.

We have a definite plan to achieve these goals:
  • We will have artisans selling to you a wide selection of 100% handicraft and Handloom products, for all requirements and occasions for every age group, which hitherto were never available.
  • We will have award winning artisans exclusively selling their wares at TerraHasta.
  • We will work with artisans to   maintain stringent levels of quality and also ensure, where possible, organic and natural materials are used.  
  • We will be investing significantly in R&D by working with leading institutes and designers to create new designs to keep pace with the current consumer trends.
  • We will also invest a part of our revenues towards the skilling of artisans and educating youngsters to keep our glorious traditions alive.
We are confident that with the measures we are taking and the impetus provided by the government of India, a new revolution has just begun and we want you to be part of this movement. Come and explore the diverse range of Indian handicrafts and Handlooms Online.