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        The rich heritage and culture ...

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        The rich heritage and culture of India has gifted us the art of living in harmony with nature, where all requirements for everyday living are available all around us. The very fabric of our culture and traditions is premised on not only preserving nature but also sustaining health and vitality. Our ancestors have always known how to lead a healthy life. And healthy life is synonymous with the food we eat. We are what we eat. For this very purpose, every act from preparation of food to serving has many a natural product that one can see in traditional homes. Right from the earthen pots and pans or those made of brass, bronze or even cast iron, to grinding implements made of stone, to serving food in a banana leaf, or copper and silver tableware, Indian traditional cookery intrinsically uses natural materials, which are proven to have positive health benefits. We have always known that our pots and pans don't just hold food but the material used for the utensil may leach into the food while cooking or serving.

       Remember your grandmother using a grindstone for making pastes or the bronze/brass utensils for cooking? Don't we hear umpteen stories of how tribal people never falling ill as their natural way of living is so invigorating and healthy?

       Of late, we see many scholarly reports emphasising the health benefits of using natural products for kitchenware and tableware; for instance, drinking water stored in copper jugs or serving food in silver plates or banana leaves. There are also many reports of toxic effects when using some of the modern cookware. While cooking in such utensils, it is usually believed that harmful materials get absorbed into the food due to leaching. On the other hand, using the age-old materials, it is believed that, leaching has positive health benefits as the materials that get absorbed into the food act as health supplements. Further, using stone/clay materials is clearly gaining ground – be it the Longpi/Blackstone pottery from North East or Kal Chatti and Raati Chippa from the South the benefit of slow cooking is being appreciated. Similarly, using stone or wood materials for grinding or cutting has no adverse effect on health or even the environment as there are no toxins that get released.

       Today, we see a revival of the ancient wisdom of healthy living in the use of natural and eco-friendly products – be it the simple banana leaf or the use of copper utensils like plates, jugs and tumblers, or wooden bowls and serving spoons, or even clay/stone bowls, jugs and tumblers. These not only are environment-friendly but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

       Talking about aesthetics we see a movement of bringing the ethnic past of India onto Tableware products – be it the use of Madhubani or Gond style paintings on coasters or serving food on a tray made of Sikki grass art or serving tea from kettles and teacups in Pattachitra artwork or having spoons with traditional art, there is no better way to showcase the richness of Indian culture than your dining area. 

       TerraHasta is endeavouring to provide you with a range of these products for a healthy and sustainable planet….