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       Every woman looks graceful draped in t...

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       Every woman looks graceful draped in those six yards of elegance. And what if it comes in vivid hues with artistic motifs drawn from the tribal culture and its instinctive association with nature—a truly mesmerising effect. Just what the handloom sarees of Odisha promise of, if not more!  Ikkat, Sambalpuri, Bomkai and Pasapalli—exquisite weaving styles from various parts of Odisha—all stand testimony to the superior craftsmanship and a centuries old rich handloom tradition of Odisha. With the buzzwords being, 'natural' and 'environment-friendly', these sarees definitely figure at the top of 'must-haves' of a woman's wardrobe, not only in India but across the world.

       Closely associated with the centuries-old Jagannath culture, these exquisite sarees of Odisha have always been used to dress the reigning deity of the Jagannath temple. Featuring rich colours of blacks, white, red and yellow, and distinctive motifs of the temple border, lotus, conch and wheel, Odisha sarees are symbolic of the Jagannath temple and its deity. Some of the earliest sarees that adorned the deity even had shlokas from the Gita Govinda woven into the fabric.

       Ikkat saree, truly the most famous weaving style of Odisha, has stormed the fashion scene. An Ikkat saree is made using the intricate “Bandhkala” or "bandha" or tie-dye process, typically having motifs such as birds and animals, seashells, conch and temple spires. 

        Sambalpuri sarees feature motifs like conch wheel and flowers with temple borders. Brides in Odisha customarily wear Sambalpuri or Bomkai sarees on their wedding.

       Bomkai sari, a modern avatar of weaving style rooted in traditional tribal culture, features simple and elegant colours and ornamental threadwork in borders and pallu. The technique also blends in hints of Ikkat style threadwork.  Pasapalli sarees are characterised by checker board patterns, typically woven in red, black and white. The borders of these sarees have motifs like flowers, animals or wheels.

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