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Batik Art - Batik Painting Online

Batik, the wax dyed art form, is considered to hav...

Batik Art - Batik Painting Online

Batik, the wax dyed art form, is considered to have originated from India two thousand years ago. Similar techniques of dyeing seemed to have existed in countries like Egypt and Nigeria but the current Batik technique is regarded to have been exported from India to South and South East Asian countries including Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. While Batik originated in India it is most prominent in the handloom industry in Indonesia and other South East Asian countries and, in fact, the national carriers of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore use dresses made from Batik art form as the uniform for their Women cabin crew.

Batik is a simple technique where patterns and motifs are created by applying wax which resists dyes and therefore allows artisans to color selectively by soaking the cloth in one color and then removing wax with boiling water, and repeating if multiple colors are desired. There are different ways in creating a Batik art form: the splash method wax is splashed onto the cloth, the screen-printing method involves a stencil and the hand painting one is by a Kalamkari pen. The Batik technique is used to create clothing, wall hangings and paintings. There has been a revival of Batik in India with many artists producing some fine products and we present to you here one such category – the Batik paintings on sale is a perfect example of a combination of creativity and painstaking process; the artist has brought vivid imagination and depicted them brilliantly and  applied colours by following a slow and laborious process.

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